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The Arthur B. Schultz Foundation asked us to reposition their Social Micro Enterprise project: a program that empowers small businesses in developing countries through a unique “pay-it-forward” model. We rebranded this initiative with a fresh new name and identity called “Thriive.” Through Thriive, small businesses in developing countries are changing lives forever.

You click. We contribute!
We invite you to help us pay it forward. For each unique click on the "dive in ~ do more" button below, domo domo will contribute $10 to Thriive (up to $5,000).

Thriive You click. We contribute!


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Thriive’s success demonstrates how creating a powerful brand identity can make a big difference.


"Having a new name and new ways to think and talk about our work has given us renewed energy...more people are interested in volunteering. Our donors are thrilled with our progress and remain loyal. We are confident that we have the right messaging to attract new donors. We are still benefitting from the springboards you gave us."

~ Linn Kincannon, Director

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