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founder's letter

Today, our company continues to offer this simple, yet innovative approach to providing high-impact strategic and creative product to our CPG clients. Team domo’s alignment with a greater purpose and focus on authenticity are evident in how we work together and who we are as an organization.

This model of engagement with each other and with our clients, combined with our team’s commitment to integrity and a superior process, creates a transformational business experience with far reaching results:

  • Highly satisfied, long-term Fortune 100 and 500 clients who appreciate our ability to help brands and organizations break through the clutter and elevate their businesses to a new level.
  • National recognition for providing fresh, bold, award-winning (and business-building!) creativity to consumer packaged goods companies.
  • A full range of marketing services for non-profit organizations that are significantly impacting human and environmental needs in the US and worldwide.
  • Growth of our company from humble beginnings in a home office, to a highly regarded company with two offices: Monroe, Connecticut and Cincinnati, Ohio.

I invite you to dive in ~ do more with us.


In 1995, the term “socially responsible business practices” had yet to be coined, much less put into practice, so what we were doing at the outset was revolutionary.

Senior level strategic and creative professionals form our company core and operate in a committed, collaborative partnership. Our unique model, made possible through technology, attracts an amazing pool of talented professionals who are looking to break away from the more structured, hierarchical positions housed in traditional office environments.

To ensure we deliver fresh, energized ideas for every client, we draw from our pool of passionate professionals to create customized teams that match the specific needs for each project.

Our name, domo domo, means “very, very” in Japanese — reflecting our long history of creative excellence hallmarked by our collaborative, energetic spirit. We are very creative, very committed, and very ready to take on the next challenge.

The Koi fish in our logo illustrates our ability to “dive in and do more” by interweaving strategic insights with creative inspiration. As we regularly hear from our clients…
“just add a little domo and see a lot happen.”

Deb Adams

Deb Adams, Founder and CEO

“Doing well while doing good” has been the driving philosophy in my life. After working in corporate brand management and marketing agencies for many years, I envisioned a company that offered "best in class" results and engaged with a greater purpose. After searching without success for an existing company that embraced this philosophy, I decided to create one.